Thursday, November 30, 2017

Retards in the Government 25

Part 25 of Retards in the Government.  There really are no words for a fitting introduction.  Its all too crazy and all too real.

August 16th
November 24th

Goodbye Duterte.

Throughout the Philippines numerous houses and businesses are built on sidewalks or right on the edge of busy roads which is a great danger to everyone. That these offending structures are barangay halls is just more proof of nonsense from even the lower levels of government within the Philippines. They had enough money to buy expensive CCTV equipment but none to build in a proper location?
The mayor approved a voucher worth 380,000 pesos for a backhoe which was never delivered. Regulations prevent advanced payments?  Was he scammed? I know Filipinos are easily scammed. They will give you a product on credit but when hey go to collect there is no one to pa up!  Happens quite often.
If the PNP had busted this guy the headline would be much different.  "Barangay official killed in Davao City buy-bust."
Under the bill, all gaming operations would have to secure a legislative franchise from Congress, just like public utilities. 
Franchisees would subject to a 5-percent franchise tax on aggregate gross earnings. 
The full amount of tax collections would fund the charitable and social obligations of Pagcor and the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO).
Let's pass a law that will mandate casinos to pay 5% of all earnings to congress which would then pass the money to the PCSO so it could fulfil its obligations. What could possibly go wrong with that amount of money changing hands? The PCSO is a sam as it stands. It's simply legal gambling sponsored by the government and design to compete will illegal gambling. Why not just take out the illegal gambling networks? What sense does it make for the government to compete with criminals? Search "PCSO corruption" and 75,000 results show up.
The impeachment if the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court rests on the unreliable testimony this man. I fail to understand how he even has standing to bring impeachment articles against anyone. This case should probably be tossed out but Duterte is so bent on ridding the highest level of government of political opposition that it will continue to the end.
“Senator Gordon wants the exclusion of certain procedures, which are related to his name,” Sen. Sonny Angara, chairman of the Senate Committee on Ways and Means, said in jest, referring to Sen. Richard Gordon, who is also called as “Dick” by some of his colleagues.
Making dick jokes during a Senate hearing.  How professional.
So far, 81 PNP personnel have been dismissed from the service for violating police operational procedures in the war on drugs. 
From the 81, 5 were officers and 76 were non-commissioned officers. Twenty were demoted and 31 suspended.
But somehow it will all be different once the PNP takes the lead in the drug war again.
Dela Rosa, who retires by year end, has revealed that one-third of the 150,000-strong PNP are "scalawags."
When Bato retires at the end of the year he is going to hunt down all 50,000 corrupt PNP officers because he is very dedicated to eradicating corruption from the ranks of the PNP.
But Dela Rosa, one of the President’s most trusted police officials, admitted that he has yet to see the Reuters report.
Drug lords are now investigative journalists.  Drug lords altered the video footage. It's so exciting that the PNP is going to be leading the drug war again. Be sure to read the report yourself:
Constitutions are never perfect.  They are literally just words on a sheet of paper with an arbitrary meaning unless there are people who are committed to upholding the principles enshrined in the constitution.  So even if the Philippines had the best Constitution it won't be worth the paper it's written on so long as the culture of corruption continues.
Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez said on Tuesday there was “nothing” Congress could do if President Rodrigo Duterte wishes to install a revolutionary government. 
“For me, the President has long stated [his intent to install a revolutionary government], and on the basis of the results of the elections, he achieved a very large mandate,” he told a news conference. 
“This means the people are in favor of it,” the Speaker said.
Politicians say all kinds of things during the campaign. That does not mean the people agree with everything the candidate they vote for says. According to Alvarez Duterte is a dictator already. It's just a matter of flexing his power whenever he so chooses. 

The Philippine government said Tuesday it is uncertain which side to take in case of a military clash between North Korea and the United States and its allies, despite a mutual defense agreement between Manila and Washington.
This however is not unbelievable. As has been shown previously filing frivolous lawsuits to tie up the courts and keep opponents busy with expenses is a common political tactic in the Philippines. So filing a lawsuit because some blogger said something about you that you don't like is par for the course.

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