Wednesday, January 11, 2017


The original website Philippinefailblog is no more.  The owner decided to shut it down and focus his attention on a new anti-Trump blog.  Therefore I have decided to pick up his mantle and continue this site on my own.  I have also decided to use the banner from the original site to let others know what this site is about.  Living in the Philippines can be crazy at times.  Writing about those crazy times can be cathartic.  I cannot do this alone and I hope to hear from you.  Please submit stories, preferably with a picture, to:

UPDATE: is back up but it is a wholly different site and nothing from the old site was saved.  I will still keep updating this blog as well as posting entries from the old PFB as found on

UPDATE: I have changed the logo since the old site is back online and the owner asked. It was something that had been bothering me a bit since his return. No theft or misrepresentation was intended. This website is NOT nor is the owner of that site affiliated with this one.

UPDATE: This blog was formerly but is now

UPDATE:     This introduction has outlived its usefulness and will now be pulled from the top of the blog and put back chronologically.  


  1. is back up and running. But it's a new site.

  2. You think you can make your own logo? Don't steal mine? Thanks.