Monday, February 27, 2017

Abu Sayyaf jihadists behead German hostage in video

Is the Philippines a civilized country?  Because no civilized country in the world would continually allow terrorists to operate within its borders.

Abu Sayyaf has been causing terror in the Philippines for far too long and now they have beheaded another foreign hostage.  From Reuters:
The Philippines on Monday condemned the "barbaric beheading" of a German captive by Islamic State-linked Abu Sayyaf militants, who posted a video of the killing after a deadline for a $600,000 ransom passed.

The video showed a machete-wielding militant behead the elderly German hostage, Jurgen Kantner, who had appealed for help twice in short video messages, saying he would be killed if ransom was not paid.

Jesus Dureza, presidential adviser on the Philippine peace process, said officials had exhausted all efforts to save Kantner, who was held on the tiny southern island of Jolo, but to no avail.

"We grieve as we strongly condemn the barbaric beheading of yet another kidnap victim," Dureza said in a statement.

"...Terrorism has no place in a country like ours and we as a people must confront violent extremism every time it rears its ugly head. There must be a stop to this killing of the innocent and the helpless."

What's it going to take for the Philippine government to realise they are at war?  This group has pledged loyalty to ISIS and is not backing down for anyone. Limp-wristed rhetoric will accomplish nothing.  This terrorist group only speaks the language of violence.  How many more innocent civilians must die?

Read the Wikipedia page for this group.  They are a violent lot of criminals who deserve no mercy.  The whole southern region is infested with Muslim terrorists of all stripes fighting for the overthrow of the Philippines government and the implementation of an Islamic State.

It is time for the wholesale destruction of ALL terrorist groups and their supporters in the Philippines.  BIFFMILFMNLFthe Maute Group, and Abu Sayyaf all need to go. Here's a suggestion:  firebomb the whole area and don't tell anyone about it beforehand. Simply take your aircraft and bomb these terrorists straight to Hell. Take no prisoners and do not negotiate any terms of surrender. Kill them all.

Ending the war these groups have started is way more important than stopping the flow of shabu.  In fact the two go hand-in-hand.
"New evidence indicates that shabu also plays a role in the Philippines’ increasingly troublesome Islamic militancy problem, particularly in the recruitment and funding of the Abu Sayyaf Group. 
With no known source of funding, the Abu Sayyaf Group has traditionally relied on kidnapping and extortion to generate revenue for its terrorist operations; however, the organization is suspected of involvement in the country’s illegal drug trade.
Abu Sayyaf is said to be behind drug proliferation operations in ZamBaSulTa, which covers Zamboanga, Basilan, Sulu, and Tawi-Tawi.
Former hostages told the JTFS that they had seen Abu Sayyaf militants taking and distributing shabu in their camps." 

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