Thursday, February 16, 2017

Noise: Garbage Trucks

Twice a week, between 6am and 8am, the garbage truck comes through the neighbourhood. With such frequency and regularity there is no reason anyone should be burning trash.  Fill up a bag, or a few bags, twice a week and get them ready.  The garbage men are even nice enough to let everyone know when they have arrived by blaring the song "Lambada" as they drive up and down each street. This is the ONLY song they play. Over and over and over and over and over and over.  Once they did play the radio but then they put "Lambada" back on.  This is a new development occurring only since the city purchased modern garbage trucks.  Before they would play chimes like an ice cream truck and during the Christmas season they would play Christmas songs.  Well, ONE Christmas song.  Why do they insist on repeating one song?

When the driver was asked why he continually repeats the same song he replied that it was a Mp3 and the boss had only downloaded one song. That's Filipino logic for you.  One high capacity USB drive but only one Mp3.

See the loudspeaker? 

This song "Lambada" is the most annoying piece of music ever written.  It's dangerous to write about it because just thinking of it gets the tune stuck in your head. The Filipinos like this song so much that even the back-up warning beeping sounds of Jeepnies and delivery trucks have been converted to play this song in an even more annoying 8-bit chiptune version. Why do they love this song so much?  It's mindless, annoying, and sticks in your head all day once you hear it.  Kind of like a Filipino.

Look at this guy standing right on the edge.  He could fall in and get crushed.  But when did a Filipino ever care about safety???

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