Friday, February 24, 2017

Every House, Every Shanty a Restaurant or a Sari-Sari Store or Both

What does the Filipino do when he needs a little cash and there are no jobs that will hire him?  He goes into business for himself of course! 

Step one:  Borrow a little cash from a friend or a relative who you will pay back later, honest! Maybe even entice them to invest with the promise of profit sharing.

Step two:  Go to SM Mart or the Central Market and stock up on laundry powder, instant coffee, ramen noodles, and snacks of various kinds. Buy large quantities of viands to prepare.

Step Three: Buy a huge glass display case to show off all your wares.

Step four:  Set up shop!  Start cooking the viands for lunchtime customers.  Prepare a table space where they can eat.

Step Five:  Don't worry about taxes or business permits or health inspectors.  You don't need the hassle. You're just trying to make some money and what's wrong with that?

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