Sunday, August 20, 2017

Philippines Government Asks Public to Help Pay for Medical Bills of Terrorist Group MILF
Officials are urging the public to help in the medical needs of Moro guerillas injured in their effort to neutralize violent extremists in Maguindanao province. 
More than a dozen guerillas of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front had been wounded in encounters with a third faction in the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters since late July. 
Socrates Piñol, member of the North Cotabato provincial board, said on Saturday that he will propose a resolution, subject to approval by his colleagues, recommending to the government the allocation of fund for the treatment of the injured guerillas. 
He said he will sponsor the drafting of the resolution during the session next week of the provincial board. 
"(In the) meantime, kind-hearted people may provide help. It is for us all, the Muslims, Christians and the Lumads, that the MILF is helping the government prevent the spread of these militants," Piñol said. 
It was the MILF's seventh encounter with the BIFF since it started operating against Abdulmalik three weeks ago in support of President Rodrigo Duterte's anti-terror campaign. 
"It is good to give them recognition by way of helping them and the families of those killed in their campaign against ISIS-inspired militants," Besana said on Saturday.

WOW!  There is so much wrong with this article it's hard to know where to begin let alone contain oneself at how outrageous it all is.  The government is literally asking the public to help pay for the medical bills of the terrorist group MILF.  And let's be clear, the MILF is a terrorist organisation not a band of guerillas.

They have engaged in terror across the country since they split away from the MNLF in 1977.

Their very first attack was in 1986 when they tossed a grenade into a packed church during a wedding.

In 2003 more Christians were murdered when the MILF brazenly attacked the city of M'Lang.

The MILF is an Islamic organisation and operates as such. Contrary to Piñon that the MILF Is fighting "for us all, the Muslims, Christians and the Lumads" "the MILF is helping the government prevent the spread of these militants" the MILF is a militant group itself seeking an independent Islamic State. So what if they are fighting with the BIFF?  Who cares if one terrorist group is fighting the other?  They both remain terrorist groups! How can the MILF be operating "in support of President Rodrigo Duterte's anti-terror campaign" by fighting the BIFF when the MILF is part of the terror which Duterte is against? It's absolute nonsense.

Are we supposed to forget the SAF 44 whom the MILF unapologetically murdered in it's pursuit of an Islamic State in Mindanao via the BBL?
There is no justification for the MILF killing these men. It is exactly the same as saying drugs dealers shooting and killing PNP officers who raid their homes are justified because it is self-defence!

If the MILF and the BIFF want to kill each other then let them. They are both insidious and evil organisations who only seek to kill and destroy in the name of establishing an Islamic State in Mindanao which Duterte is all too happy to give them.  The government of the Philippines is supremely naïve if it thinks establishing the BBL will bring peace to the region and not instead establish a base from which ISIS and other terrorist groups can work, train, and grow unmolested and away from prying eyes.

Only a traitor would ask the public to or seek government allocation of funds for paying the medical bills of the MILF or any other terrorist organisation which routinely kills and attacks civilians, police, and the military and poses an imminent threat to the stability and safety of the nation.

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