Thursday, July 13, 2017

Here is The Vet

Just as the morning was nearing it's end the vet pulled up to the house in his large white van. He said he came because of the urgent nature of the dog's medical condition.

The whole process was a bit delicate because he had to scrape skin samples from three of the dogs.

Each of these brave doggies deserved a treat but there weren't any available. They were so brave though.  And very sacred.  The doggie in the middle picture was shaking like a leaf in the wind.  But they all endured the scraping which resulted in proper samples. (And open wounds! )

 Now for the examination of the slide.

"What do you see, Doctor?"

Dog 2
Dog 3
The first dog's sample (which is not pictured) showed sarcoptic mange but the other two dogs only showed fungus.

The result?  All 10 dogs will be treated as if they have mange.  This means shampooing and the application of medicated topical solutions.  Hopefully the dogs will recover soon.

As payment we gave him a bag of avocados.

He was also paid in cash
Thanks for coming Doctor. We hope to not have to call on your services anytime soon.

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