Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Where is The Vet?

Something is happening to my dogs.  They all used to be very beautiful.

So cute!

But now:

The is the same dog!
ALL of my dogs are have itchy red skin and they cannot stop biting and scratching themselves until they start bleeding.  Take a look at this poor doggie.  From long haired cutie:

To this:

Her hair has been shorn and she has to wear a plastic cone to prevent scratching her neck and socks to prevent scratching her legs and body all bloody.

What's the problem?  Mange?  Diet?  I don't know and it's very upsetting to see them suffering.

That is why the vet was called to come visit.  Thankfully he does make house calls because it is not practical to transport all 13 dogs to the vet on a tricycle or jeepney.

His secretary said they would make an appointment and call back. They did not call back so we called them again and the secretary said they would come this week.  They did not come.  Our helper went to the vet to buy some soap and he reminded the vet that he was supposed to come visit.  The vet said to call back at 2pm.  So we called back at 2pm but the secretary answered instead and said the vet was forced to cancel all house visits and that all home visits would be rescheduled.

But we have still not heard back from the vet.  And now this happened:

The poor beast scratched herself raw! Blood speckled all over the floor and her arm.

So where is the vet? Is he coming?  Does he not an have appointment book and a telephone? He is not to blame for my dog's condition but we did call him to come help cure the dogs. We have changed their diet, throughly bathed them, sprayed them with Venoma, and rubbed them with various ointments but nothing seems to work.

Where is the vet??

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