Friday, July 7, 2017

The Pig's Grim Progress

Lechon is a favourite delicacy in the Philippines. Pig blood, pig fat, pig meat, pig guts are grilled, fried, boiled, baked, and devoured by Filipinos. Let's take a look at how some terrific, radiant, humble pig goes from playing in the mud hole to being chewed in the mouth hole.

First they take the pig for a ride.  They could throw the pig in a truck but why not put it in a tricycle? The open road. The wind on your snout. What an adventurous day it is!  If only the pig knew where he was being taken he might not be so content.

It's all over now for the pig. Eviscerated. Guts in a pail.  Splayed out and ready to be sliced into bacon, pork chops, and ham.  Only the finest shirtless, cigarette smoking butchers in the Philippines will do for this delicate job.

Now that we got the pig chopped into pork chops its time to soak them in a sweet sauce.  Calamansi. Soy Sauce.  And Sprite to sweeten the meat.

Yummy, yummy.  Who does not love the smell of grilled pork chops in the afternoon?  Look at how they brown so nicely.  The woodsmoke will seep into the meat and enhance the flavour even more. Hopefully the cook didn't just light the plastic bag of charcoal on fire or else the meat will now be toxic.

It is finished. The meat is cooked. The pork chops are chopped up for easier consumption.  Just add rice!

Now dig in! Kain tayo!

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