Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Mocha Butter Quake Bars Fiasco

I love Quake Bars.  I love Mocha Butter favoured Quake Bars above all.  They are so rich and sweet tasting they just melt in your mouth. Choco-coated mocha butter cake with mocha cream filling indeed! Putting them in the refrigerator for a few hours makes them taste even better!

I bought a box of Mocha Butter Quake Bars the other day and I was ready to devour all ten of them.  But something was wrong. I opened up one and then another and this is what I saw:

What the heck is this?  Aren't these delicious pastries made uniformly on the same machine in the same molds?  How in the world did these two disparate sizes come about?  I have been cheated out of pastry.  About 1/4 of a whole bar almost.  Multiply that by 5 because there were at least 5 other short bars in the box, and that is 1 and 1/4 Mocha Butter Quake Bars gone!  All gone! 

I pay for ten and get only 8 and 3/4 bars?  That's not right at all. At 62 pesos per box that's 6.2 pesos per bar which means I was cheated out of 7.75 pesos! That's money down the drain and never to come back.

These yummy treats are made under the Jack 'N Jill brand which is owned by Universal Robina which is located in Pasig.  They are a wholly Filipino creation.  So I ask: Who is in charge of quality control at the factory? You better fire him effective immediately.  I will gladly take his place and make sure all the Quake Bars of every flavour are the right size and shape and colour. Most importantly I will make sure they are all the right taste!

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