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Mocha Uson: Exhibitionist and Pornographer

Much of the criticism hurled against Mocha Uson is that she is just a "sexy dancer." That is not the whole story. Mocha Uson is much more than just a sexy dancer in a girl group. To cut to the chase Mocha Uson is an exhibitionist. Even now in the Duterte administration she betrays her exhibitionist tendencies when she takes selfies with the troops or Duterte or goes before the Senate and laments that she too is a victim of fake news. 

In 2010 her original Facebook page was disabled because she was reported for uploading nude photos. But she insists this is not true and she only uploads nude photos on her blog.  Then she goes on to defend her sexy antics:
To all the haters who reported me on Facebook : Hate me all you want. I don’t fucking care.  To those of you who call me “immoral”, why don’t you look at yourselves in the mirror. All I can say is that you’re all hypocrites. What’s wrong with sex? It’s more stupid not to talk about it. Look at our country. The Philippines has the worst poverty problem in Southeast Asia and yet we have soaring birth rates. Hypocrites refuse to educate the youth about the sexual human anatomy, sexual intercourse and reproductive health. They don’t offer sex education in schools since it remains a controversial issue. What’s wrong with penis? What’s wrong with vagina? Would you  rather let the youth get education from the streets, internet and tabloids? Some people believe that there’s no place like home for sex education. The problem is that most teens are not comfortable talking to their parents about sex. 
New research says that comprehensive sex education might lead to less teen pregnancy. 
I will not stop to talking about sex because I love sex. It’s a natural part of the human experience.
"Would you rather let youth get education from the...internet?"  The irony is thick.  Or is it blind hypocrisy?

Mocha Uson is trying to pass herself off as a sex educator. On the internet! She is telling her haters that sex is normal and natural and we must talk about it.  True enough.  We all need a good sex education.  It's a part of biology.  But is Mocha really educating people about sex?  About which part does which?  About diseases and reproduction? Or is she instructing people on how to have sex?  There is a big difference.  In school I was taught in sex ed about which part does which and how reproduction works.  What I was not taught was sexual technique.  The class was biological and not pornographic or instructional. Mocha Uson is not a sex educator nor is education her intent.  Right after haranguing her haters about the need for sex education Mocha says, "I will not stop to talking about sex because I love sex."

What Mocha Uson is doing or has done is pornographic. Her old defunct blog abounds with tips on how to do this deed and that deed in this place or the other. This is proof positive that she is not a sex educator but a sex instructor. Pictures of her nude or half nude in suggestive poses are to be found on every page. It is 100% an X-rated blog.  It is not family friendly. But if she was truly trying to be an educator then why would she be so raunchy?

This is from an article where she declares that she is not a lesbian but is bisexual.


Here she mentions sex videos on dailymotion. She says these videos are real. "I had sex and taped it on video." Mocha also says "I love watching my sex videos over and over again especially when I am in the mood for touching." Does that sound like education or pornography?

Here is a screenshot of her defunct dailymotion page.

Videos include: "Mocha Girls Threesome" and "Mocha and Jaycee Parker Sex Video UNCENSORED". Those are just two of the titles. This is a snapshot from early 2009. Who knows how many explicit videos were uploaded afterwards?  But the internet never forgets and explicit and pornographic videos of Mocha can be found floating around the web. Surely whatever other videos Mocha uploaded were also NSFW.

What do threesomes and lesbianism have to do with sex education? Nothing. Recording a video of yourself having sex so you can get off by watching it later is not education, it is pornography. Mocha Uson is a pornographer whether she likes it or not. And she certainly does not. Read her second rant about being banned from Facebook.

I am so pissed right now. Some haters reported me on Facebook saying my photos and videos contain nudity. If there were exposure, I would understand and remove them. But there was no exposure at all-  no nipples, no areolas!  WTF!!  And besides nudity in art is not indecent exposure!  
Since haters keep reporting me on Facebook cuz they can’t distinguish between  nudity and art, I will just post here on my blog.
Not only does Mocha fancy herself as a sex educator but she also is under the strong delusion that she is an artist.

Let's take a look at some of her advice which would fall under the education aspect of her work.

Here is Mocha's advice for having sex in a car.

Have you ever had sex in the car? Doing it in the car can be hard, difficult, exciting and fun. When things get hot, I like to go all the way in the car.  It’s spontaneous, slightly taboo, and it has an element of exhibitionism.
An element of exhibitionism? You don't say?  Exhibitionism is what Mocha is all about. What does car sex have to do with sex education?  Nothing.  There is nothing about anatomy or biology in her post.  It is pure exhibitionism. Indeed Mocha confesses, "Part of the enjoyment of having sex in a car is the idea that you can get caught." If someone were to follow Mocha's advice they could end up in legal trouble or even pregnant. This is not helpful advice at all.

How about her very first piece of advice written specifically in reply to an email she received?

Ok so this is not a raunchy piece. It's just ordinary advice about condoms. There is nothing particularly off putting about what Mocha tells this lady. Proof that even a broken clock is right twice a day. Let's take a look at one more post. This one is about anal sex.

The advice in this column is taken from the book "What Your Mother Never Told You About Sex." There's a few problems with this column. First of all the author she quotes does not refer to these bullet points as myths. She writes :
Of all the sexual practices, anal sex seems to be the most misunderstood. Myths and misconceptions abound. The following concerns are common among women. 
What Mocha labels myths, the author she quotes labels concerns. Not a big deal but accuracy should always be strived for. 

Second of all it seems as if Mocha Uson, who did study medicine, has forgotten basic human anatomy.  The anus is the end of a long tube which begins with the mouth and is called the digestive system. It is not part of the sexual reproductive system.  Sticking things in your butt is simply never going to be a good idea because the anus was made for eliminating waste. It is an exit point and not an entrance. If you engage in anal sex enough your rectum just might prolapse. But Mocha isn't going to warn anybody about that because her blog is not about education. It's about stimulation and exhibition.  Note that she ends her advice about anal sex by telling us, "Personally, I like it."

What's the point of all this?  Am I slut shaming? Asking if I am slut shaming Mocha means you admit that Mocha is a slut! 

The point is this: Mocha Uson does not belong in the government. She should never have been appointed as Assistant Secretary of the PCOO.  The Philippines government has enough actors and other celebrities messing things up already. How did boxer Manny Pacquiao, comedian Tito Sotto, and actor Joseph Estrada manage to wrangle their way in to politics? Putting a pornographer in charge of the current administration's social media accounts is completely counterproductive. Mocha has already shown several times that she is a liability and not an asset. She can't even follow the rules that apply to her office. Simple rules like not entering a casino as long as she is a government employee. Isn't there anyone else with a degree in communications and who knows how to stick to the facts who could have been given this job?

The only goal Mocha's appointment accomplishes is that it gives hope to every bar girl in Angeles that she too can rise to the top ranks of Filipino society using nothing else but her body.

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