Sunday, January 7, 2018

It's the Thought That Counts

An older lady, a friend, came over to the house and brought along her Christmas gift from the organisation for which she works.

It came in a nice enough case. Whatever's inside must have been be fairly expensive to warrant this protective housing.

Wow! It's a watch. And what a watch! A bejeweled Spiderman face with a fat pink wrist band. Who is this for? The pink says girl but Spiderman and the width of the band say boy. It's like My Little Pony and Marvel had a baby no one wanted.

My Spidey sense is tingling and it is telling me this watch is a devious device which only a villain like Hobgoblin would dream of designing. Spiderman is stuck forever on that face surrounded by those tiny blue jewels. No more will he ever see Mary Jane or Aunt May. He is trapped by time. He is frozen IN time because there is no battery to make the clock tick and time move forward. 

That's right!  This watch came with no battery.  How convenient.

Why would someone think this is the perfect gift for a 50 year old woman?  Why would someone think this is the perfect gift for anyone of either sex or any age? Where was this even bought? I can't imagine the rationale behind buying this piece of junk. Who would ever look at this and think, "Ah-ha! This is it! She's really going to love this."? Maybe it was just a cast-off lying around that needed getting rid of and this old lady just happened to be the perfect opportunity. Now it's stuck at my house because she so conveniently left it behind. 

Whatever the case it's not a pretty thought since this lady works for a religious organisation which one would think would be more thoughtful about a Christmas gift. They gave her a worthless gift instead of giving her an end-of-year Christmas bonus! She would have been better off with one of those SM Christmas baskets with cookies and olive oil and canned meat.

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