Thursday, January 4, 2018

Vaginal Steaming

Is your vagina feeling a little down? Dry? Itchy? Got a yeast infection? Menstrual cramps? Have cysts inside your uterus which need to be surgically removed? Try a vaginal steam!

What the heck is a vaginal steam you ask?

You sit in a chair like this:

All the while a bubbling herbal concoction releases it's healing vapours up through the hole and straight into the vagina and uterus leaving you feeling as relaxed and comfy as any traditional Mayan tribeswoman could possibly feel.

What? You don't have a vagina?  Don't worry.  Healing Galing also offers a sitz bath.

A sitz who?

In layman's terms, it's a bath to wash your taint!

On the way out don't forget to buy some of the products they offer like soap and black rice tea and herbal pills.  Or maybe not.
In its Advisory No. 2017-275, the agency named the food products that are promoted at but are not registered with the FDA: Healing Galing Rhizome Pills; Healing Galing Herbal Serpentina Tablets; Healing Galing Omega 3 Fish Oil; Healing Galing Organic Vitamins B1, B6; Healing Galing Organic Vitamin B12; Healing Galing Healing Food; Healing Galing Black Rice Coffee; and Healing Galing Pure Honey.
PURE HONEY??  Yeah sure right. Anyone who reads this blog knows what a doubtful claim that is. Fake honey is more like it.

Who runs this place?  What is this all about?
Know more about Dr. Edinell 
Inspired by the wonders of natural healing and alternative medicine and moved by her strong belief in the propagation of such, Dr. Edinell Calvario pursued higher studies at The Open International University for Complementary Medicines based in Colombo, Sri Lanka earning her a Master’s Degree in Alternative Medicine (The Fellowship Register of Royal Complementary Practitioners) and Doctor of Philosophy in Alternative Medicine. She finished her collegiate course in 1983 at The Lyceum of the Philippines with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Journalism.
This "Doctor" has a Master's in Alternative Medicine, a PhD in Alternative Medicine, and a BS in Journalism.  But she lists the Bachelor degree last as if she got her Master's and then her PhD before she got her Bachelor's. It is possible she finished her collegiate courses by earning a BS in journalism but what Bachelor degree did she earn before she earned her Master's and PhD in Alternative Medicine? A PhD in Alternative Medicine!  Not an MD? That means she's a doctor like my English professor and not like my surgeon! Dr. Edinell Calvario is not a medical doctor though she is clearly portraying herself as one since her whole line of work is about medicine and not the philosophy of medicine. But you wouldn't know that unless you looked at the fine print of her credentials.  

Her medical alma mater is The Open International University for Complementary Medicines which from the looks of it is likely a diploma mill.

Aside from selling vaginal steams and taint baths, Dr Edinell also hosts a TV show.  Here is a review from 2015.
TV5’S new morning show, “Healing Galing sa TV,” is notable for its innovative fusion of a medical doctor and an alternative healer as the show’s cohost. 
The doctor happens to be Hayden Kho, in his first regular public outing after his controversial personal and career crises some years back. The fact that TV5 has opted to enable him to make his comeback in a weekday TV show could become an “issue” with some viewers. 
To be sure, other doctors and medical specialists are invited to shed light on specific illnesses, but Hayden is still the program’s top medical point man, so his competent performance in the show’s early telecasts could turn out to be a major factor in its longevity. 
For her part, alternative healer Edinell Calvario has been seen on-cam in other TV shows promoting alternative healing, but this new program is her biggest showcase and platform by far.
THEY WON'T EVEN REFER TO HER AS A DOCTOR!!! The "real doctor" is also just as dubious.

Hayden Kho is, or was, a cosmetic doctor who got caught using a hidden camera to film himself having sex with an actress.  As a result he lost his licence to practice because of this unethical misconduct and subsequently attempted suicide a few times. But TV5 thinks it's just great for a disgraced plastic surgeon and an alternative healer to team up and dispense medical advice to the whole nation. It's like an episode of Oprah with Dr. Oz but much more stupid.

Alternative medicine is big business in the Philippines. Outrageous and unfounded claims abound and every gullible person with a few pesos who wants to try something new is willing to make any hardworking entrepreneur very wealthy. Why do Filipinos embrace Western technology to a fault but reject Western medicine? Everyone has a cell phone. Everyone. And they have their nose buried in Facebook all day long. But if they get sick? Better run to the witchdoctor and get some herbs because Western medicine is just going to kill you.



  1. Just wait for Mocha to see this. Remember she says having men suck on female breast prevents breast cancer. So it should be no shock to us what she will say about vagina problems.

  2. I searched for Healing Galing and reached thru your review cum rant IMO.

    No disrespect intended, but while you're entitled to say whatever pleases you in your own blog, it's best if you could present it in a balanced way. Well, of course it's just a suggestion which you can always disregard.
    The way you portrayed Dr Edinell is someone who is FAKE and outright SCAM.
    Has she done something of that regard to you or your family?
    She has TV programme at channel 5 I think and a Youtube Channel to mention a few. I am sure that you or any entity could do some further research on legal permits and licences to see if her practices and products are inline or may have gravely violated legal procedures and laws.
    The problem of most Filipino mentality when comes to medicine, is not about an adherence to other available options, but being and having a brain programed, cloaked and coded with anything Western. Heck, I met a lot who do not even recognize almost anything to be original let alone real when it doesn't come from the west.
    Have you tried bringing yourself somewhere to get scanned just so you would know which part needs to be decoded?
    Medicine and medical practices has been around before the West, inside and outside of the West.
    There are mountains of topics to be discussed within this topic in fact.
    However, to narrow it down, one example is Chinese Herbal Medicine.
    They have spacious clinics in Singapore, Hongkong, various cities in Asia, Europe, US, etc.
    They're recognised and licenced by gov'ts and are certainly not Fake.
    Your comparison to it to smartphones or even just making the later as analogy to give weight to your claims about the West isn't correct nor does not make sense at all.
    Overall, your article regarding Dr Edinell and her Healing Galing could've been done a lot better.