Monday, March 6, 2017

Coroner's office ignores basic safety protocols

So they found the headless body of the German who was executed by Abu Sayyaf on February 26. Now the coroner has to do an inquest.  It's all standard procedure of course.

Standard procedure?  To wear shorts and slippers in the examination room?

Obviously the guy pointing to the dead body is the lead man.  The head honcho.  The man in charge. Why is he not wearing the proper safety equipment?  Everyone else is.

Were there not enough gowns to go around?  Did he get a 3am phone call and have to rush over? Is he too important to have to put on a gown? Did he figure, "I'm not going to be doing the actual examination so it doesn't matter?"

Seems doubtful.  

Why is following safety protocols such a difficult matter in the Philippines?

Too many questions.  Never a satisfactory answer.  

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