Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The one and only time The Beatles played Manila they almost didn't make it out alive

On July 4, 1966 The Beatles played the Philippines for the first and last time. Two sold out shows in Manila.  But by the time they were ready to go the Filipinos had turned against them for a perceived slight against then President Marcos. The Fab Four were chased to the airport by a mob of angry Filipinos demanding vengeance.  At the airport they were charged an exorbitant exit fee which added up to the whole proceeds from the two shows and they made it out by the skin of their teeth swearing to never again return to the Philippines.

Today the Philippines attracts top-notch international talent who probably have never even heard of this bit of history. Surely this is an incident they would love to forget but which exemplifies that ever pervasive trait of the Filipino: Pinoy Pride.