Friday, March 10, 2017

Don't Drink the Tap Water

You don't want to drink water out of the tap when you come to the Philippines. It's not very tasty because it's full of grime and dirt. You could also end up swallowing an amoeba or something worse and then you will be real sick. 

This is what the water looks like after a blackout. During a blackout the well pumps shut off and when they start back up they pump out nothing but oily black goo for a good five minutes, sometimes longer. Occasionally there is also a sulphur smell. Just imagine how disgusting the inside of the pipes must be after carrying all that black gunk. So even when the water is clear it's definitely not clean.

When the well pumps are working regularly the water is so full of chlorine it's disgusting. You can taste it when you brush your teeth and when you take a shower.

       Tap water            vs             filtered water

No one here drinks the tap water.  You can bathe in it, wash the clothes with it, brush your teeth with it, give to the dogs, but don't drink it.

Instead get your water purified

and delivered right to your front door!

These guys will come once a week or you can call them when you need a refill. Straight from the filtering station to you.  

So always remember: Don't Drink the Tap Water!

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