Friday, March 24, 2017

The Difference between Leni and Duterte

The difference between Vice President Robredo and President Duterte is quite simple.

Get the picture?  

The difference lies in strength of will both politically and morally. 

Duterte sees the Philippines as a sovereign nation of which he is the head. As the head he sees it as his bounden duty and right to direct the nation in a way that is conducive to the good of the people according to the principles of the constitution which was voted on by the people.

Robredo sees the Philippines as a weak nation not capable of handling its own affairs but in need of foreign intervention. She fails to realise that, as the bearer of the second highest office in the land, she is part of the political system and she has both the power and the duty to work within that system for the change she sees fit for the good of the nation.

EJK's or not. Drug war or not. The fact is the Philippines is a sovereign nation that should be able to handle its own affairs without any need for foreign intervention.

Duterte knows this.

The people know this.

Leni Robredo does not.

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