Wednesday, March 8, 2017

There have been decades of terrorism in the Philippines

Disgraced Senator Leila De Lima's newest ploy to put the heat on President Duterte is to file a resolution seeking "to investigate the failure of the Duterte administration to stop the Abu Sayyaf terrorist group from conducting kidnap-for-ransom activities."
In filing Senate Resolution No. 311, De Lima said the Senate Committee on National Defense and Security should look into the ability of government security forces to go agaisnt the Abu Sayyaf and other lawless groups. 
“These lawless groups are not only sowing domestic terror, but may also prove to be a weak spot making us vulnerable to external threats,” De Lima said in a press statement.

The fact of the matter is that at no time whatsoever in the history of the Philippines has the government been able to destroy the terrorist activity happening in the south.

Simply scroll through this extensive list of terrorist attacks in the Philippines since the 70's.
Since January 2000 radical Islamist groups and Islamist separatist forces in the Philippines have carried out over 40 major bombings against civilians and civilian property, mostly in the southern regions of the country around MindanaoBasilanJolo and other nearby islands.[4] Numerous bombings have also been carried out in and around Metro Manila, though several hundred kilometres from the conflict in the southern regions, due to its political importance. In the period from 2000 to 2007 attacks killed nearly 400 Filipino civilians and injured well over 1500 more,[5] more casualties than caused by bombings and other attacks in Indonesia, Morocco, Spain, Turkey, or Britain during the same period.[4]

Is she going to call for an investigation into Marcos, the Aquinos, Ramos, Estrada, and Arroyo as well?  

Terrorist Enablers??

Unlike the partisan and near-sighted De Lima Australian scholar Paul Wilson places blame for the continued existence of terrorism on the failed policies of every single president of the Philippines in an article titled "The Philippines - three decades of terrorism." His conclusion?
Unless President Arroyo, or her successor, begins to deal with the causes of terrorism, rather than just with its symptoms, we can expect to see even more guerrilla violence and the tentacles of terrorism spreading throughout this complex and highly volatile country. 
 This was written in 2005.

Today, twelve years later, not even Europe can eradicate it's terrorist problem. Unrestricted and unlimited immigration has caused terrorism to raise it's evil head and the blood of hundreds has been spilt in recent years. With the worldwide threat of ISIS every country is at risk.

And De Lima seeks to blame Duterte for not putting an end to the decades of terrorism in the Philippines?

De Lima cannot honestly think Duterte is responsible for not destroying the terrorists in Mindanao. She is simply opening her mouth and saying everything and anything to take the heat off herself and put it on Duterte.

She is a desperate woman.  Her missives are nothing but the barkings of a scared little dog.  Despite all her rage she is still just a rat in a cage.

Terrorism must be confronted and it must be eradicated.  But placing the blame of decades of terrorism on the current president is absolutely dishonest and despicable. 

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