Saturday, March 4, 2017

Why so many homosexuals on Filipino TV?

The Philippines is a very devout nation.  Very religious.  Full of superstitious devotion to Mary, the Saints, and Sto. Niño (the Child Jesus).  So why is this country so permissive of homosexuals?

Especially on the television you see these guys dancing around giggling, laughing, wearing pompous clothes with ridiculous hair styles to match.  They also always have a real haughty tone in their words and in their movements. But that is normal for these overdramatic literal drama queens.

Pinoy Pride + Gay Pride = lots of viewers?

The biggest offender by far is Vince Ganda.

Seriously look at this......guy?

How do the people stand it?   I mean not only the immorality and heinous evil of homosexuality being paraded before them but the whole schtick of Vice Ganda.

He struts around on stage screaming and shouting and singing and its just such a turn off. Who the heck wants to watch him?  

"It's Showtime" is about as annoying as you can get as far as television goes and Vice Ganda makes it even more unbearable.

And his overreactions to performers on "The Voice Philippines" are too over the top to be believable. 

So why do these otherwise devout Roman Catholic Filipinos go ga-ga for Ganda?  Because their religion is all sham.  Just like Vice Ganda's femininity.

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