Sunday, June 18, 2017

Don't Lend Filipinos Money

Ashley Madison Winners is (not the real name of) a lady I know who owns a small and seemingly profitable construction business.  Seemingly profitable because if it was not then she would have closed down by now.  Who runs an unprofitable business? And who would work for someone who can't pay them? And who spends a million pesos to buy a truck to use for a failing business?

Money to buy a new truck but no money to pay debts
A while ago a foreigner was persuaded to invest in her business.  He gave so much money and would get a slight return every month. This would go to support his fianceé while he was back in his home country preparing for her arrival.

Alas everything went sour and real fast.  Money was paid at first and then not at all. Calls and texts were made and promises of future payment agreed to but not much has come of it except frustrations and empty promises.

And that's that really. Just another cautionary tale in a land full of cautionary tales about lending money to people who simply will not repay the loan. Reminds me so much of Goodfellas.


Stewie and Brian also come to mind.

This is nothing new though.  In 1720 Gaspar de San Agustín wrote a letter detailing many of the characteristics of Filipinos. Even 300 years ago he knew to never lend a Filipino anything, especially money.
9. First, they are remarkable for their ingratitude; and although ingratitude is an innate vice in all people, through the corruption of original sin in our vitiated nature, it is not corrected in them by the understanding, and they lack magnanimity. Therefore, it is all one to do a good turn to an Indian, and to prepare oneself to receive the blow of his ingratitude. Consequently, if one lend them money, they do not pay it; but instead they run away from the father. Hence there is ground for scruples in regard to lending money to them; for that is a benefit from which evil must result, as they absent themselves and do not come to mass. 
So long as they receive, they kiss the hands of him who gives, and humble themselves with promises. But when it comes time to pay, they will beg for time (for they are beggars, and not givers); and they will utter tedious and complaining words, and the time is spent in vain. Even though one can pay, he can be got to do so only with great difficulty. 
10. If they borrow anything that is not money, they will never return it until it is requested; and, as an excuse for not having returned it; they say that they have not been asked for it.  

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