Friday, June 9, 2017

Manila is The Worst Place in South East Asia

Manila tops a survey once again!
That's got to be a slap in the face. 
Manila is the worst place they’ve ever been to, according to travelers polled by travel guide South East Asia Backpacker. 
Pollution, deficient infrastructure, lack of safety, and being overcrowded are among the many factors that helped us land at number 1 on the list that no country ever wants to top, obviously. 
While Manila got pogi points for its “friendly” and “lovely humans,” it’s hard to argue with 17 votes that included terrible tales of getting robbed by a taxi and getting grabbed while walking down a street. 
Cebu also made the unfortunate list, landing at number 10 with six votes. Travelers described the Queen City of the South as “dirty,” “noisy,” “polluted,” and “all shopping malls and no culture.”

Congratulations Manila!  

This is not the first time Manila or the Philippines has been number one at being the worst.  Did you know Manila has the worst traffic, the Philippines is the global epicentre of on-line child pronography, or that the Philippines tops Asia for the number of teen pregnancies?

To read more about what the Philippines and Manila are number one at follow the link below!

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