Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Fishes, Bloody Fishes

The fishmonger comes by everyday. He walks down the street shouting out and we go see what he's got in his basket for sale. Usually he has large uncut fish or maybe a few clean fillets.

 Sometimes he has squid or maybe even crabs or shells.

But this morning he had something different.

Bloody fish fillets with flies all over the meat!  And what a stench!  The sickening smell of fish and blood made me almost vomit up my breakfast.  And look at the scale.  

Covered in blood!

Couldn't he clean the fish off after he cut them??  It's disgusting, unhealthy, and unprecedented. How many flies have landed and laid eggs in the meat or rubbed their legs together in the blood? Who wants to buy something so abominable??  Take a close look at the first picture and you will see the fishmonger, who is not the same guy selling these bloody fish, has clean and bloodless fillets.  What's wrong with this guy that he can't wash his bloody fish?

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