Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Martial Law in Mindanao: It Has to be Brand New

So much has happened during this second week of martial law in Mindanao which Duterte declared all on his own with no recommendation from anyone.


Remember that rape joke Duterte made to his troops?  Well Chelsea Clinton didn't like it.

And Duterte didn't care for her criticism.

But it turns out it was all a misunderstanding.  Duterte never made a rape joke. It was just sarcasm.

Is Duterte the most meta-comic or what? He's like a Filipino Mitch Hedberg.  

Martial law became official this week when Congress finally approved the decree.


The Supreme Court may also get a say but Duterte and his coalition in the Senate don't care.


And now that its finally arrived don't expect it to be going anywhere anytime soon. 

Even IF the military can contain Maute?  IF??  Does he not have any faith in the fighting prowess of the Armed Forces of the Philippines? 



Well if the AFP can't fight the terrorists successfully maybe they need some help.  Who will they call since the USA has been told in no uncertain terms "yankee go home?"


"I will no longer accept second-hand military equipment," Duterte told soldiers at an army base on the southern island of Mindanao. "I do not want those given by the Americans. During my time, I will not have second-hand ships. It has to be brand new." 
Duterte said he would acquire new and modern weapons systems "even if I have to spend double the money," and would look at buying equipment such as planes, boats, drones and guns from China and Russia, traditional rivals of its closest ally, the United States.
Has to be brand new??  Spend double the money??  Of course he means borrow money from China and Russia to buy arms from China and Russia.  Does he realise that even US Army personnel use outdated equipment and is still a force to be reckoned with?  The Philippines is in the middle of a decades long war on terror with several groups and Duterte will spend double the money on weapons and further plunge the Philippines into debt just to spite the USA?

Let's hope he is just being sarcastic.

So he's demanding brand new weapons and the SAF and AFP can't contain the Maute group or even stop the threats posed by Abu Sayyaf or MNLF, MILF, or the NPA. Who will he get to bail him out of this mess?

That's right. MNLF terrorists and communist NPA rebels will be fighting alongside the AFP whom they have been fighting and killing for years.

If the rape joke was intended to boost morale then this turn of events will surely put it through the roof!

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