Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Signs of Leni Robredo

The 2016 elections have come and gone. Duterte is president and the Yellow party is out of power.  Leni Robredo lurks in the background with Bongbong Marcos hanging over her head casting a shadow of doubt on the validity of her election to the Vice Presidency.

But something else is hanging. 

It's garbage.  Political garbage.

Left over political campaign banners.

After the election the signs stayed up until the elements slowly wore them away. Tied to fences, plastered to electric poles they fluttered and flapped and slowly dissolved. Oh, the wind and rain!

And now here we are over a year later and these Mar/Leni signs are still up!

With all the hatred for Leni going around it's a wonder someone has not torn these down.  Seems like Filipino rage is only for Facebook and not real life.

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