Sunday, December 3, 2017

The Shortcut

What would ease the traffic woes in the Philippines?  For starters following the rules. Being patient.  Not zigging and zagging and cutting around lines of stalled cars or turing down alleys which are crowded because everyone else is seeking a quick way out. 

One can understand private drivers doing these maneuvers but not taxis.  Isn't keeping the passengers safe a priority for taxi drivers?  You would think so.  

Here's a compilation of clips from driving in a taxi. He does not shun taking shortcuts.

1 comment:

  1. Is a shortcut really a shortcut if it takes longer? The other day in proper on a two lane road with a stop light about a km off and traffic backed up. So what's the Filipinos solution to that? Simple start using the shoulder, the oncoming lane and the other shoulder. Yes trying to squeeze what amounts to 4 lanes into on single lane and think it's going to work. Guess they have not figured out the simplest law of physics yet that states it is impossible for two different objects to occupy the exact same space.