Friday, May 5, 2017

Is it time to kill Duterte?
Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte made the call urging Filipinos to kill him if he cannot resolve heinous crimes and illegal drugs within the first six months of his administration if elected president. 
“If I succeed perhaps that would be my greatest contribution to the country, but if I fail, kill me,” Duterte told the crowd during a book launching Thursday at Century Park Hotel in Manila.
"If I fail, kill me."

Strong words from a man who prides himself on his honesty and integrity.  So has crime been resolved since Duterte took the oath of office on June 30, 2016? Six months bring us to the end of December and into 2017.  Is the Philippines crime and drug free in 2017?

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May 02, 2017

Heinous crimes have not stopped. Abu Sayyaf, The NPA, Maute Group and other terrorist organisations are all active and continue to kill civilians and soldiers. Abu Sayyaf is even seeking to extend it's activities into the Visayas.  The blood spilled by communist and Islamic terrorists continues to flow and shows no sign of abatement.

People continue to be violent towards one another. Daily there are reports of killings motivated by revenge, while under the influence of drugs, or out of the inexplicable evil of the heart. Gangs continue to proliferate violence. Women continue to be exploited throughout the country. The Philippines remains a global leader in manufacturing child pornography.

Huge amounts of drugs are routinely seized at customs and in raids across the country. This indicates that there is a market for drugs. There are still addicts in the country and there are still pushers willing to risk everything to import massive amounts of shabu and other drugs. The violent drug war has not eradicated the drug trade or drug use.

The PNP continues to be a corrupt organisation with the CHR recently finding a dozen inmates packed together in a tiny secret jail cell behind a wooden cabinet.  PNP chief Bato even admits the cell was illegal while he continues to defend the police who utilised it. The head of the PNP defends the corruption of the PNP calling it "necessary."

Nothing has changed since Duterte took office. It is business as usual in the Philippines. And that means the business of crime and corruption at every level of society.

Duterte's promise to resolve heinous crimes and drugs within 6 months has gone unfulfilled. He has failed.

So is it time to take him at his word?  

Is it time to kill Duterte?

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