Wednesday, May 3, 2017

We Are Collapsing

"You say you want a revolution? Well, you know we all want to change the world"
-The Beatles

Filipinos are some of the most politically active people on the planet.  They spend the most time on social media and it's not all sharing funny videos and pictures. A lot of it is activism.  Getting the truth out.  Informing the people about the dark secrets of politicians which everyone knows are there but can't quite grasp because they are not insiders.

Enter We Are Collective.

In March of this year they published part 1 of a proposed 3 part series titled: "Deception."  This series was to expose the rise of Leni Robredo and the evil misdeeds of her late husband.  

The exposé dropped like a bombshell.  Leni responded.  Esquire magazine responded. WAC lost their webpage and was banned from Facebook.  They had published the truth and now were suffering martyrdom.  The Yellow party had smacked them down with all their might and this was justification enough in the eyes of man. Why would the Yellow Party even bother to take down WAC if WAC was not telling the truth?? 

WAC vowed to rise again. They said "You can't cut down the Hydra."  WAC promised to release even more damaging material.

All throughout April they teased they had finally put together part 2.  They made movie-style character posters.  

They made wild speculations about Jesse having a love child.  They defended all their actions saying they are only speculating and considering what could be and looking at every angle.  It doesn't matter if  what they are writing is true because as long as they search for the truth it will surface.

All this in the run up to May 1 when they promised to publish part 2 of "Deception."  

Finally the big day comes.  8am.....10am.....12pm......3pm......and then finally!

Deception 2 will be posted here at 10:00pm Philippine time.  
Instead of uploading the whole piece as one, we are considering serializing the upload. We will be posting the article chapter by chapter, with three hour intervals, to make it easier for you at para hindi kayo malula sa haba kagaya ng dati.
At 5pm WAC finally makes an announcement that we have to wait 5 more hours to get part 1 of part 2!

They decided to serialise it all on Facebook rather than publish the whole thing in one go somewhere else.  Why? Because they have no respect for their readers!  They think their readers cannot handle a long exposé like last time. The think their readers are dumb.
Ulitin namin ha. We're posting it in intervals. To make it more digestible. Not everyone matyaga magbasa. Experience kasi natin dati pag isahang upload people tend to skip some parts. Kung sa pelikula nagfafast forward dahil tinitingnan yung haba. Let's be relaxed this time. The downloadable format will be available after. Thanks!
Nothing to do but wait. Finally 10pm comes around and they actually deliver part 1 of part 2.
Great now we only have to wait 3 hours or so and then part 2 of part 2 will be published.  

But nothing came.  We waited all day and nothing came.  People started getting restless. Trolls came out.  Allegations that the Yellows had sabotaged WAC floated around.  And then around 5pm we get this notice from Darwin Cañete:

Everyone is posting on WAC's FB page wondering what happened and Darwin Cañete cannot relay this message on WAC's FB page where everyone will see it?  Someone else has to grab a screenshot and post it?? What a joke!!  Not to mention that the content of the message is a lie.  WAC's FB page has not been taken down for any reason. Everyone and anyone can comment on WAC's page.

This has been a fiasco from the get-go. WAC's decision to publish ONLY on Facebook and in a serialised form really screwed everything up.  But perhaps not. They admit that this is all a work in progress.  Maybe what they published so far is all they have.

If WAC had any real information and really cared about getting it out to the people they would not have published solely on Facebook.  They would have put it on Pastebin, Scribd, Archive, a throwaway blogspot or wordpress page, or any number of places.  They would have published it all in one go and also had it divided up into smaller packages if they were concerned about their readers not being able to handle so much information.

This is not a Yellow conspiracy to bury the truth!

This is all the result of WAC's incompetence or a cover for their complete lack of any information.

Today is May 3 and people are still waiting.  I have hunch they will be waiting for a long while yet.

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