Sunday, May 14, 2017

Canadian Blogger Dismisses Terrorism in the Philippines as a Stereotype

You remember that song "I think I'm turning Japanese?"  Well Canadian Kyle Jennermann is definitely turning Filipino. His Facebook page is even titled "Becoming Filipino."  Take a look at his apology for Mindanao and his dismissal and scoffing of the latest terror warnings.
That is complete and utter madness!!

The terrorism threat throughout the entire country is very real.  It is not a stereotype.  And he wants to bring up his personal experience as the measure of what's happening in Mindanao? How about the personal experience of his fellow Canadians whom Abu Sayyaf beheaded?

This guy certainly is becoming Filipino with his head stuck in the sand.

Remember last month when the US Embassy issued a terror threat in Bohol and both Duterte and AFP Chief Eduardo Año dismissed the threat and then people ended up dying?

Not a single time in his apology does this guy use the words terrorism, crime, piracy, or kidnappings which are the reasons why the Canadian government is cautioning against travel to Mindanao.

Instead he thinks the entire problem is a PR issue.  Read his solution:

"So what can we do!? Well, we can share realistic talk and education about the word "Mindanao" and what it really is. I think that is something that has always been missing from National Media here in the Philippines. I believe that the first step is changing perception here in the Philippines"
This is just plain stupid.  He wants realistic talk?  Someone show him the video of the German getting beheaded back in February.  Someone show him the long trail of corpses Abu Sayyaf, MILF, Maute Group, NPA and all the rest have left behind in the Philippines.  How can this guy think the terrorism problem is a stereotype that can be defeated by "changing perception?

It's incautious and ultra-liberal attitudes like his that have destroyed Europe and are currently destroying Canada and the USA. 

Contrary to this guy the first step in ending terrorism in the Philippines is to napalm the jungle and kill them all.

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