Sunday, May 7, 2017

ATM Brownout?

A while back I was having trouble finding a working ATM at the mall.  There used to be a line-up of four ATM's I could rely on but they were removed and replaced by four different machines in another place inside the mall.  None of the new machines accept my card and what used to be quite easy has become a bit of a hassle. I think the reason the machines don't take my card is because none of the replacement ATM's are affiliated with a bank.  So that leaves me with BDO.

There is a BDO branch in the mall but both of their ATM's were offline so I trudged back across the mall to where I knew there was a third BDO machine.  This is what I came across:

No Power? Brownout!?  The kiosk light is on!  What Brownout!??
It's scary enough having my card rejected by these machines because I'm not sure if it's the machine or if my bank has put a hold on my card because I have made too many withdrawal attempts. But stupidity like this is completely dumbfounding.

Well it was worth a laugh I guess.

I did manage to find a fourth BDO machine that was working.

But why is such a hassle to use the ATM in the Philippines in the first place? Why does the bank allow the machines to run out of money? Why is it always a gamble whether or not the machine is online? Why do people take so long to do one transaction? Why aren't there more ATM's to ease the long lines? Why did the mall replace four ATM's connected to major banks with four no-name ATM's that not everyone can use? Why do ATM's dispense only large bills for which no one has change?

Why have an ATM in operation if no one can withdraw money? What's the point of that? Who uses an ATM just to check their balance?

Just more questions with no answers.

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