Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Corrupt PNP Let Probable Pedophile Go Free!

A lady familiar to me because of her work with dogs posted a video on Facebook that showed an old American man with a southern accent offering 100$ for her friend's baby.  Of course such a video went viral:

This lady went to the police the next day and gave them all the details about the situation.  After leaving the police station she ran into the guy again. Immediately she called the police and asked for their assistance.  Here is what she says happened:


Isn't that great?  This guy is caught on video acting suspiciously like a pedophile and the police won't do anything about it. Not even take him in for questioning.  Not even get a name!  So this nameless man is walking around town doing who knows what! Is he a child trafficker?  Was he joking?  Now we may never know!

What's all this nonsense about having a warrant anyway?  The Filipino justice system is all messed up.  Have they even heard of "probable cause?" 

This really makes me angry. The justice system here is all DIY as far as I have been told.  YOU have to file a report. YOU have to wait until an arrest warrant is made because the PNP cannot do anything without first your report and secondly the warrant. (I have heard of cases where a thief was caught redhanded but the PNP could do nothing until a report was first filed!)  YOU have to press charges.  YOU have to prosecute.  YOU have to hire a private lawyer to do the prosecution.  There is no state, no DA to do this.  It's no wonder the wheels of justice are ossified and rusted and do not move in this country.

Duterte-man where are you now?

This decision by the PNP to not bring this guy in for questioning and getting all his info is a major PHILIPPINEFAIL!!!

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