Friday, May 26, 2017

Tales From the Jeep

A funny thing happened while riding the jeepeny...

First of all the driver had to get gas.  Only the gas tank isn't a huge metal tank underneath the carriage, it's a plastic container inside the cab!

Definitely makes siphoning a bit more difficult.  

Not every jeepeney has a gas tank inside the cab and thank goodness because some jeepney drivers enjoy having a smoke while they work.

I guess he can't see the "NO SMOKING" sign to his right.

Along the way the driver picked up quite a lot of passengers.

The jeepeney is never full.  You can always squeeze in one more person. Even if that one person has to hang on outside the jeepney.

Can you imagine hanging on outside the jeepeney and being forced to inhale the thick exhaust?

That's going to blacken your lungs and give you cancer. So why a smoking ban but no thick black exhaust ban? No wonder people wear face masks when riding the jeepeny.

Well folks, that's all for this edition of........Tales From the Jeep!

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