Thursday, May 25, 2017

Two Filipino Fools

Today let's take a look at two Filipino Fools.  

First up is Kyle Jennermann.

He's not a Filipino at all.  He is a Canadian. But he loves the Philippines so much that he has a television showed called "Becoming Filipino."  He has chosen to live in Mindanao and he LOVES it. 

But living in Mindanao comes with a price and that price is the very real and constant threat of Islamic terrorism.  From Abu Sayyaf to the Maute Group and the MILF and BIFF, Muslims are wreaking havoc in Mindanao and throughout the Philippines and they are aligned with ISIS.  This real danger has caused his home country of Canada to issue warnings against traveling to the Philippines and specifically to Mindanao.

His reaction to these warnings was one of pure disbelief.  He made statements to the effect that Mindanao is not as terrible as all that and the whole terrorism thing is just a stereotype.  You can read about those comments in a previous post.

Yesterday terrorists attacked Mirawi City in Mindanao.

Subsequently the whole island was placed under martial law in order to get the threat under control and eliminated.
And what was Kyle Jennermann's response?

A city is under siege, people are dead, the island of Mindanao is under martial law, the evil flag of ISIS is being paraded around the streets, and this guy STILL cannot face the fact that the threat of terrorism is a real and present danger.  No. He says, "See guys not everyone from Marawi is bad cause I met this one guy from there who was nice."

No doubt he thinks he is being positive and is sending good vibes and looking on the bright side of life. He's not.  He is being a naive fool and not even considering the reality of what is happening right in the very place he lives. 

He just doesn't get it and probably never will even if he ends up like his two fellow Canadians who were kidnapped and beheaded by Abu Sayyaf.

That brings us to fool number two.

Because of the terrorist activity President Duterte had to cut short his trip to Russia. 

This is a real shame because it means he won't be formally receiving the honorary degree that he Russians have decided to bestow upon him and which he has decided to accept despite rejecting the same degree when offered by the University of the Philippines out of principle because he does not accept awards.

Luckily he was still able to meet Putin only hours before he left the country.
He offered friendship to Putin and assured the Russian President that the Philippines has gone beyond the ambit of western influence. 
He asked for a soft loan as well, saying the United States had cancelled the Philippines’ arms purchase from it.
Now hold on just a minute!  Duterte offers friendship to Putin but then lies to his face and asks to borrow some money to buy weapons!!!!  (His assurance that the Philippines is now beyond western influence is completely laughable but I'm not going to delve into that now.)

The United States never cancelled the arms deal.  DUTERTE CANCELLED THE ARMS DEAL!!

Duterte cancels arms deals from the USA and interest free grants from the EU and then wants to burden the Philippines with crippling debt from China and Russia so he can develop the country and buy arms to fight ISIS.

Duterte is a fool of the highest magnitude.

He knows that terrorism is huge problem in the Philippines and that he needs weapons to fight the terrorists but he cancels an arms deal. He knows that the Chinese are not playing nice and insists on doing business with them.  He knows the score. So maybe Duterte really isn't a fool.

Maybe he is a traitor.

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