Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Garbage Flavoured Ice Cream

It's Summertime and it's hot outside.  So we are selling cheap ice cream for 5 pesos.

All the neighbourhood children stop by for the refreshing and cool treat.

The problem is that these children throw their garbage all over the road in front of our house.

How hard is it to take your trash with you back to your house and put it in the wastebasket?

Apparently very hard.  

Littering is simply a part of the culture in the Philippines.  Children are not taught to throw their trash in the proper place.  Adults sure don't have any qualms with littering.  Just the other day I was walking behind a guy and I watched as he threw an empty plastic wrapper he was eating from onto the ground.  He could have held on to it until he got back to his house but he chose to drop it in the street and litter our neighbourhood.

Filipinos throw their trash wherever they can.  Take a look at this spot.  This is an abandoned business area and it has conveniently become a landfill even though it is on a main thoroughfare in town.

Is that pride?  Is throwing your garbage wherever you can a manifestation of national pride?

It's no wonder the children throw their trash in the street.  They are simply imitating their parents.

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