Friday, September 15, 2017

Who is Really Destabilising the Philippines?

If there is one thing that repeatedly comes up in the blogosphere and in the news that is most irritating and perplexing it would have to be the notion of the "destabilisation plot."  It works like this:

Duterte is the best president the Philippines has ever had and the only reason his policies are failing is because the opposition political party (the Yellows or LP or Liberal Party) or nefarious foreign actors (the CIA) are actually and potentially planning to destabilise the government and oust Duterte.

There are a few names perennially associated with these plots: Sen. Trillanes, Leni Robredo, Leila De Lima, and rich Filipina Loida Lewis among others.  Loida Lewis is the widow of a rich American and has millions of dollars to spend on influencing the public and subverting the political sphere of the Philippines all the way from her home in NYC. But of course Robredo, De Lima, and the whole Yellow Party apparatus are also blamed.

Let's take a look at just the tip of the iceberg of this nonsense. Where to start though? There is so much garbage to wade through. It's like the Pasig River! 
Solicitor General Jose Calida yesterday claimed that the “yellows” are behind a destabilization plot against the administration of President Duterte and warned that they would be made to pay for it. 
Calida told The STAR that his office has started gathering evidence in preparation for criminal cases against those behind the plan to bring down the Duterte administration. 
There are obviously many attempts to bring down the President, which are part of a grand plan. Now, they are doing it before the international community to gather attention and sympathy,” he stressed. 
I am now building the cases. To paraphrase a Bible verse, they who sow the wind shall reap the whirlwind,” he added. 
Calida did not identify who would be the possible subjects of the cases, but stressed they are mostly “yellows” or political personalities identified with the Liberal Party. 
He believes the complaint filed by Jude Jose Sabio, lawyer of self-confessed hit man Edgar Matobato, was baseless and only meant to destabilize the administration. 
“Matobato is being coddled by (Sen. Antonio) Trillanes. So you would know the agenda right away,” Calida said. 
Asked if he believes former president Benigno Aquino III could be part of the destabilization plot, Calida said: “He is the yellowest of them all.” 
SolGen Calida is a funny guy.  If anyone is destabilising the government it is men like him who allowed the Marawi siege to take place knowing about it full well in advance.
This information came out after the fake news story about Trillanes and Bam Aquino meeting Maute leaders and plotting the Marawi attack spread all over Facebook.
All these allegations of destabilisation and ouster plots are pure nonsense. The fever dreams of diehard Duterte loyalists who do not take criticism lightly and think every bit of criticism is one piece of an intricate plot to destabilise the country and oust Duterte. They can't even get their story straight.  Is it the Yellows? The CIA? Robredo? Trillanes? Aquino? Maybe it's the Bavarian Illuminati? Or how about the CFR or the Trilateral Commission or the Jesuits or the Masons?  So many groups to choose from. Does the CFR even care about what happens in the Philippines?

Take a look at the date on the headline "Yellows to face raps."  That is from May 1, 2017.  In that article Calida says he is building the cases which means more than one person is being investigated. So where are the charges? Is the investigation still ongoing? Who is doing the investigating?  Who is being investigated and for what exactly? It's all bunk. More than likely there never was and never has been an investigation into any so-called destabilisation plot because there has never been any such plot in the first place.
Not even Duterte believes in these byzantine plots.
The truth is there is a destabilisation plot and the mastermind is Duterte. Everything he and his administration have done and continue to do is destabilising the country. Have a look.

Duterte taking loans from China to fund his "golden age of infrastructure" is going to bust the economy for years to come and economically enslave future generations of Filipinos.
Duterte funding major infrastructure from the government's coffers rather than through private contractors is putting a strain on the peso causing it to depreciate.
Duterte not caring about human rights has led to the CHR having it's budget slashed to 1,000 pesos and this has spooked foreign investors.
Duterte kowtowing to China has led to China threatening the Philippines if it drills for oil in its own territory which has grave repercussions for Philippine sovereignty.
Duterte not taking terrorism seriously has had disastrous results such as Abu Sayyaf sneaking to Bohol to find more foreigners to kidnap for ransom.
Duterte's drug war has lead to the deaths of thousands of people.  Some of whom might even have been innocent.  Some have even been children. All are dead. And the big fish are still swimming free. Shabu still sneaks through customs because the corrupt officials who run it are easily bribed.
Duterte not focusing on the growing terror problem in Mindanao but instead putting all his effort into a drug war he promised would be over in 6 month and which he has since admitted he cannot win has led directly to the Marawi siege.
The AFP, PNP, DND, and Duterte himself all admit that there was no failure of intelligence in Marawi.  They knew about it well in advance.  They allowed arms to flow into Marawi and turned a blind eye to the whole situation because of the peace talks with MILF. Duterte even dared Maute to attack Marawi. To date there has been no investigation into the government's wilful ignorance of intelligence reports which led to the siege.  Who knew what and when did they know it and why was nothing done? Without a proper investigation we will never know and these kind of mishaps will continue to happen.
In the final analysis Duterte is a step backwards for the Philippines.

This coup, destabilisation, ouster plot business is not just fake news.  It is an outright lie.  And when an ex-AFP general starts spreading these lies because he cannot discern between truth and obvious falsehood you know the country is in big trouble.
The Philippines is a failed nation and has been destabilised for quite some time. Communist insurgents and Muslim terrorists coupled with a corrupt and inept government have fuelled the destabilisation of the Philippines before, during, and after Marcos.  If Filipinos want a stable country there is a whole lot of work to do and blame shifting won't help one bit.

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