Friday, September 22, 2017

Overloaded Sugarcane Trucks

Overloaded trucks, jeepneys, and tricycles are a common sight on any road in the Philippines.  Large loads precariously teetering on the roofs of these vehicles are enough to make anyone scratch their head.  Why?  And how?  Sometimes these items are secured with nothing more but the flimsiest of paper strings.

Overloaded sugarcane trucks pose a different problem because the whole process is overseen and sanctioned by the sugar company.  If the sugar company really had any qualms about overloaded trucks and the danger and waste they pose then they would reprimand the drivers and the loaders.  But everyday they keep coming.

Finally! A reasonably loaded truck.  Probably the last haul which is why it is not overloaded.
Overloading the truck can have dire consequences.  Many of the trucks really put the pedal to the metal and barrel on down the highway. Sometimes they do not even turn on their headlights at night.  As a consequence trucks tip over and sugarcane spills out on the street.

What a hazard.  Not to mention all that money lost when the sugarcane falls onto the road.

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