Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Retards in the Government 18

It's part 18 of Retards in the government. We are all grown up now. But Philippines politicians remain  stunted in their growth.
Mocha shared a photo that someone else posted that she did not verify and now she wants to file a complaint against this person. The Presidential Communications Operations Office is a joke. 

Duterte thinks the Ombudsman is so corrupt that the only reason she ordered Mabilog's dismissal is to curry his favour and not because it was the just thing to do!
Who is Harry Roque?

And what is his mission?
Kabayan Rep. Harry Roque has agreed to become President Rodrigo Duterte’s spokesperson with this goal in mind: “to reduce, if not totally eradicate, the impact of statements which appear to support genocide or violations of fundamental human rights.”
Why, he's Duterte's new spin doctor! And watch out press! If you have any criticism of the president you will be dealt with. And never mind why this man was appointed to this position.  That's Duterte's business and Duterte does not have to answer to anyone.

In its 2016 Annual Financial Report on GOCCs released on October 26, the state audit body identified eight state firms, including the PCSO, to have granted perks to its officials and employees without “sufficient legal basis” totaling P619.771 million.
That sure is a lot of waste.  How much more money is being wasted that has not been accounted for?  You know what could be done with that extra money?  Let's hear Bato:
Quadruple the pay of retirees??? People who are literally doing nothing and are given a fixed retirement amount on which to live as a thanks for their service? Where does Bato think money comes from? Trees? The money trees are also where the monkeys live who would ever vote for this guy for president. But hypothetically how much would such a scheme cost?
At least P5-trillion seed money would be needed to fund the planned compensation adjustment for military and uniformed personnel, Sen. Panfilo "Ping" Lacson said Monday. 
The senator also noted that other agencies said that the seed money for the compensation adjustment for uniformed personnel may even reach P9 trillion.
9 trillion pesos!!?? That is 3 times the national budget! Free university education, Dutertenomics, and rebuilding Marawi alone will being eating a large chuck of that. How would the Philippines afford 9 trillion pesos in seed money plus the money needed to continue to fund the program quadrupling the pay for retirees? Bato is talking out of his butt-o and if he ever was elected president this would surely become a failed promise.
Sad!  But it is a confession that his behaviour is not always his best. The path to recovery begins with confession.
Is the chief investment manager of the Social Security System (SSS) illegally profiting from his position by trading stocks for their personal accounts using the same stockbrokers who manage the portfolio of the state-administered pension fund? 
SSS Commissioner Jose Gabriel “Pompee” La Viña thinks so, and he has filed a complaint against Rizaldy Capulong, the fund’s executive vice president for investments, and three other officers whom he accused of “serious dishonesty and grave misconduct.”
Everything here is a scam.  Especially SSS.  I have heard too many stories about money being taken out by employers but not recorded in SSS archives even though there were receipts to prove the withholdings!
All that fighting in Marawi was for nothing. If the Maute Group had only waited the Philippine government would have handed them an Islamic State free of charge. Of course they would have had to do battle with BIFF, Abu Sayyaf, MNLF, MILF and a few others for control but that would have been a small price to pay.


  1. David,
    Why just pick on Filipino politicians? After years in the Philippines I can assure you that most Filipinos never grow up mentally.

    1. Well this continuing series is specifically about corruption and stupidness at every level within the government. Everyday there is at least one headline about an investigation being opened or a politician getting sacked or political feuds. It's a real circus.