Tuesday, April 18, 2017

"The Beheading Was More of A Necessity"

Abu Sayyaf has executed another hostage.  This time a Filipino sailor they captured last December.

Malacañang Palace has issued the standard condemnation of this horrendous act and life continues on as cheap as ever in the Philippines.
"We strongly condemn this senseless and cold-blooded murder committed during the Holy Week," Abella said in a statement on Monday.
At least they called it a senseless and cold-blooded murder and did not apologise for Abu Sayyaf which is exactly what the AFP did.
The military said the beheading was more of a necessity on the part of the bandit group, as the victim was reportedly getting sickly.
The beheading was a necessity because he was getting sickly?  What?  A necessity on their part??? Why would the AFP even issue such a callous statement?  Who cares about the sick and perverted motives of these evil men?  
Sobejana said dragging a sick captive hampers the movement of the bandits, who have constantly been on the run to evade pursuing soldiers.
Oh those poor terrorists. Gotta put yourself in their shoes. Being hampered with a sick guy and unable to evade the AFP easily. When you think about it it's really more of a euthanasia that it is a murder. It's understandable they would want to get rid of a sick guy who was so much dead weight. It looks like they have being doing a bang-up job of avoiding the AFP because they are still in operation.  Or perhaps the AFP is not even looking for them.
Initially, the AFP did not believe the information, thinking it was just propaganda.
Despite the fact that Abu Sayyaf has executed others and has shown no willingness to quit.  Despite the fact that just a few days prior Abu Sayyaf was in Bohol looking for more victims to kidnap.   Despite the fact the Abu Sayyaf has been doing the same thing for 25 years. Despite all this the AFP thought it was just propaganda!? When will the AFP start taking the threat posed by Abu Sayyaf seriously? 

Never forget that the Chief of the AFP, Eduardo Año, despite knowing the movements of Abu Sayyaf declared he saw no terrorist threat prior to the Bohol incident.

Never forget that Abu Sayyaf has aligned themselves with ISIS.  Never forget that ISIS is funded by  Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the very nations Duterte visited this week and to whom he pledged military support.

Never forget that Duterte absolved Abyu Sayyaf from being criminals.

And never forget Noel Besconde, a poor fisherman who was beheaded by Abu Sayyaf because the Philippines refuses to destroy the terrorist group and secure the safety of the country.

There will be more victims. More heads will roll. More condemnations will be issued and more hands will wring.  And nothing will continue to be done to protect the country.  Instead the politicians will continue to do vain and ridiculous things like create awards to honour those who honour them.


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