Friday, April 7, 2017

This is What Foreign Intervention Looks Like

In 2013 the world was up in arms that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons in his war against the rebels.  The world hemmed and hawed and spoke out passionately and said "Something Must be Done" but ultimately did nothing.  Two days ago another alleged chemical attack occurred and this time the United States intervened unilaterally.

Let this be a reminder to Leni Robredo that this is what foreign intervention looks like.  You call to them and then they bring out the big guns and shoot you down all in the name of peace and safety and humanity.

What does she seriously expect the international community to do?  There is no talking to Duterte. In very plain, foul, and harsh language he has already told the EU, the UN, and the USA (under Obama) to back off and keep their noses out.  So what other option is left but force?  

Robredo, De Lima, Trillanes, the Conference of Bishops, and everyone else who is appealing to the international community for help had better watch out.  They might just get their wish.

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