Tuesday, April 4, 2017

What does the EU Know?

Here we go again.  Disgraced Senator Leila De Lima is calling for her release from prison not because she has proved her innocence but because a foreign government body, the European Parliament, knows the truth and stands behind her.

Does the EU really know the truth about De Lima?  Did they watch the televised hearings?  Did they see De Lima's theatrics?  Did they watch her not defend herself but instead accuse her accusers of lying and place herself at God's mercy?  Did they watch this brilliant lawyer do everything but make use of the law to refute the charges against her?

No, probably not.

How can the EU know the truth about what is happening in the Philippines when they apparently do not even know what is happening in their front yard?

Does the EU know that Sweden is the rape capital of the world?


Does the EU know that Angela Merkel's immigration policies have helped destroy Europe?


Does the EU know that Turkish PM Erdogan has declared that Turks are the future of Europe?


Does the EU know that ISIS is at the door and ready to attack and that they have used the "refugee crisis" to sneak in militants?


Does the EU know that there are no-go zones inhabited by Muslims scattered throughout various cites across Europe?


Does the EU know that Western European culture and heritage is at risk of being destroyed?


Does the EU know it has forgotten the face of its fathers, despised the blood spilled in the past by Europeans to protect Europe from the Muslims, destroyed its current and future heritage, put its people at risk, and has decided to commit cultural suicide and ethnic genocide? Is the EU so indifferent and blind to the needs of the people of Europe and to the rich cultural heritage of Europe that it would see Europe turn into a caliphate of the Islamic State or as an extension of North Africa and the peoples of Europe be bred out of existence?

How can the EU know anything about what is happening in a tiny island nation 5,000 miles away when it cannot even see or acknowledge the truth of what is happening right in its very front yard?

It is preposterous.

And for De Lima, Robredo, or anyone else to continue to appeal to the effete, weak, and ineffectual EU Parliament as some voice of moral authority when they have wilfully closed their eyes to the destruction their people and culture is the height of blindness and stupidity.

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