Monday, April 10, 2017

This is What Happens When You Politely Ask Your Neighbour to Turn Down Their Karaoke

Today a neighbour celebrated his 60th birthday. By 9pm the party had been going on for 12 hours. I was headed to slumberland except for the loud music barring my entrance.  So I walked over to my neighbours house and politely asked them to turn down their karaoke so I could get some sleep.

Thirty minutes later this happens:

A loud motorcycle, a thrown bottle, and a kick at the gate to the house.  I got to the window just in time to see two men speed off.  I couldn't make out who they were but I knew where they came from.

Despite the people at the party admitting the thrown bottle came from them the police could do nothing because I could not identify the assailants.  But the police did admonish them to turn down their karaoke because they had received other complaints.

So this is where politeness gets you in the Philippines. 


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