Sunday, April 16, 2017

When will AFP Chief Eduardo Año Apologise or Resign?

When will the Chief of the AFP, Eduardo Año, apologise to the public and the families of those who were killed in the firefight with Abu Sayyaf?  

The AFP Chief claimed after the fight was over that he saw no terror threat beforehand.

The Bohol fighting between government troops and suspected Abu Sayyaf men erupted on Tuesday a day after Armed Forces Chief Eduardo Año said that the military did not see any terror threat in the Philippines despite the recent warning by the US Embassy in Manila to Americans to avoid going to Central Visayas. 
“We have to be vigilant. We would like to encourage the public to report suspicious people, suspicious objects or circumstances so the AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines) can take immediate, fast counter actions,” Año told reporters during a pre-departure press briefing of President Duterte at the Davao International Airport on Monday
“But right now, we don’t see any terror threat,” the military chief added.

Eduardo Año is lying.  He was aware of a terror threat.  We know this because according to a timeline of events provide by ABS-CBN we see that the AFP was monitoring the movements of this group of Abu Sayyaf terrorists days before the clash in Bohol.
April 6 to 7: The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) monitors a group of Abu Sayyaf in Indanan, Sulu. The group leaves Sulu bound for central Visayas, prompting the AFP to alert its intelligence community nationwide.
Are we supposed to believe that Eduardo Año was really speaking from a place of ignorance being unaware of this information when based on this same information not only the US Embassy but also the PNP issued threat warnings for the Central Visayas?

The very idea that the Chief of the AFP has no knowledge of the movements of this group which was being observed by the AFP is preposterous and if true is an amazing spectacle of gross negligence.

And now since Eduardo Año refuses to take the terror threat posed by Abu Sayyaf seriously we see that another group of armed men has been spotted at different location in the Central Visays.

Granted reports of what was seen and heard are contradictory and unconfirmed but given the grave threat that ISIS poses to the Philippines it would be absolutely foolish to dismiss them without a thorough investigation.

Does Eduardo A have any words for the fallen AFP soldiers?
“I congratulate our troops and law enforcers for a job well done. I also pass on our sincerest condolences to families of our soldiers. We mourn the loss of our member of the uniformed services including a very young officer… May this be a fine example of bayanihan in a true example of the word,” Año said. 
“We are gaining important headway in our fight with the Abu Sayyaf Group… We assess that they are no longer threats to the citizens there, and we can say that the community in Inabanga, Bohol is already back to normal. Our main campaign to decimate the Abu Sayyaf will continue and it is making headway,” he said, adding that the military was expecting more Abu Sayyaf members to surrender after 11 “notorious” members conceded in Tawi-Tawi on Tuesday.
Even in the midst of praising the troops he manages to stick his foot in his mouth. They are no longer threats?  Bohol is back to normal?


TIGHT SECURITY IN BORACAY—With the terror attack in Bohol, the Philippine National Police (PNP) is on heightened security at world-famous Boracay Island in Malay, Aklan province for the Holy Week. (Tara Yap/Manila Bulletin) 
“There is no terror threat in Western Visayas,” assured Supt. Gilbert Gorero, PRO-spokesman. 
Senior Police Officer 1 Christopher Mendoza, Boracay PNP community relations officer, said cops have been conducting foot and bike patrol all over the island.
No terror threat?  Then why is the PNP tightening security and conducting patrols all over the island?

Abu Sayyaf, along with the NPA, BIFF, Maute Group, and others, remain a threat and to say otherwise is to put the whole nation in danger.  Every island of the Philippines is at risk for getting a visit from terrorists. That's why security is being tightened.

Those in charge of the security of the Philippines, the AFP and the PNP, must stop telling the public there is no threat.  There absolutely is a threat.  The degree of the threat may vary but it is there.

For decades the Philippines has been at war with various militant and terrorist groups. Bombs have exploded, ships have sunk, innocent men have been kidnapped and beheaded.  The threat persists and the AFP and PNP needs to get its head out of the sand and start treating the threat seriously.

The public is not fooled by the obfuscations of Eduardo Año.

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