Friday, April 14, 2017

The Difference Between USA and the Philippines Responses to ISIS

This has been one very active week for terrorists in the Philippines.  ISIS affiliated group Abu Sayyaf was caught on the island of Bohol looking for tourists to kidnap.  It is clear that ISIS is neither stopping nor slowing its operations in the Philippines.

Meanwhile Duterte is off to Saudi Arabia looking for help in the peace process in Mindanao.  Never mind the fact that Saudi Arabia supports ISIS and its ideology. He is out of the country looking like a fool asking for help to stop ISIS from the very people who finance ISIS while the Chief of the AFP is at home looking like a fool denying that there is any terror threat. 

If only the Philippines would follow the lead of the USA, and earlier in the week Duterte called on them to help fight terrorism, then maybe ISIS would be eliminated and Philippines could begin the slow and steady climb to first world status. Imagine if in the USA there were still rebellious Indian tribes raiding towns and scalping innocent people once in a while. This is what's going on in the Philippines.  Rebellious Muslims looking for a piece of land to call their own are raiding towns and kidnapping and killing innocent people.  

It is way past time for the Philippines to do something about its Muslim problem. And the only way to handle that problem is to kill them all.

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The Philippines must get on the ball.  They must wake up.  They must get their heads out of the sand and realise there is no negotiating with ISIS.  They are here and they are ready to kill and be killed for their cause of establishing a worldwide Islamic Caliphate.

God help us all if the leaders of the Philippines think this is all a joke.

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